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You started your business with dreams of creating everyday... And now you're spinning around in a hustle frenzy of marketing, client attraction, and content creation and can't remember the last time you could simply be in your creative genius.

Let me guess...

The power of


not knowing where your next lead is coming from

passive lead generation full of ideal clients

relying on social media & getting so drained

diversified, streamlined marketing

Your content expiring shortly after posting

evergreen content that works for years

Struggling to become known in your market

increased brand awareness

It's time for you to step into 



Account Build

Step One

Monthly Pinning

Step Two

Analytics Reports

Step Three

Quarterly Check-Ins

Step Four

Here are the 4 steps we take to turn pinterest into your most powerful marketing tool.

For Designers

See what's included, the investment, and the process.

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How do you make sure my pins stay on brand?

We use custom Pinterest templates each quarter that are cohesive with your brand! And you approve the templates before use, of course. We also dive into your brand, your ideal audience, messaging, etc. to confidently know how to position you on the platform and connect with your audience. 

Do you manage other social media platforms too?

I don’t! After being pulled in many directions as a virtual assistant, I narrowed down my services to Pinterest marketing to better serve my clients. Specializing in Pinterest allows me to pour all of my mental energy and skill into an elevated Pinterest experience for my clients!

When can I expect results?

Because Pinterest is a search engine, it can take 3-6 months (at least) for your profile and content to start really gaining traction on the platform. But how you measure your results depends on how you view success. Our mission here isn’t to increase your vanity metrics. We strive to utilize data-based Pinterest strategies that align with your business goals! 

Do you only work with designers? 

No! I also have experience working with photographers, luxury picnic services, online service providers, bloggers, crafters, dog breeders, and more! If you are passionate about making an impact on the world and serving others well, I would love to join you and support your mission. Head over to the contact page, and I will be in touch soon!

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